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Lovell Trailers

The Trailer Solutions Specialists!
Trailer Service & Repair
Horse trailers to Commercial Trailers
We have a fully equipped mobile service that comes to you.

Boat Trailers
Horse Trailers
Plant Trailers
Car Trailers

Whatever the issue call us 07864 107239
Trailer Hire

● Open car transporter

● Flatbed low loader

● Flat bed commercial

● Box trailer

● Going to the dump trailer

● Motor cycle transporter

0118 324 04 03

All our trailers have a spare wheel and where appropriate a winch

● Covered car transporter

● Open Car Transporter

● Flat bed

● Lightweight car

● Camping trailer

● Offroad trailer

The Galaxy
Vehicle Relocation Services
Local, National or European Relocation
Open and covered transport available, fully insured.
Call for a Quote 07986 682075

This service is operated by our partner VEHLOC
Call for a Quote
07986 682075